A Grand Day Out!

The team at Compass got hands on and covered in soot with a Blacksmithing experience yesterday at Anvil Forge!

Our day kicked off with the task of creating our own pokers, giving us a chance to practice the fundamentals of Blacksmithing and to play with fire!

Once our technique had been perfected, we then had the opportunity to hone our craftsmanship with our own personal projects. Instead of using this as a chance to make augers (a complete oversight on our part), the team used their new skills to create candle holders, hooks, garden accessories and Christmas decorations!


The last part of the day was spent building a team piece that will take pride of place in our headquarters. Whether it was bending metal with brute strength; wielding an angle grinder to put on the ‘delicate touches’ or smashing a hammer to create a subtle pattern, everyone played their part in piecing together our company logo.

Another job well done by Compass Environmental!