There are lots of consultancies who can talk to your business about sustainability, green procurement and environmental management systems – not us. We cut straight to the chase and identify the genuine risks of your business being prosecuted
and fined for causing pollution of the environment. 


What We do

  • Review site setting, environmental sensitivities and any existing site data you may have.

  • Visit your premises, understand your operations.

  • Check storage of pollutants, compliance with environmental regulations and preparedness should an incident occur.

  • Report highlighting areas of non-compliance, poor practice or defective/inadequate controls.

We can also

  • Prioritise recommendations based on risk and site settings.

  • Implement fully costed remedial measures and recommendations working with our strategic partners.

  • Protect by ensuring Incident Preparedness including:

  • Incident Response Plan creation

  • Spill Kit Provision

  • Spill Response Training

  • 24/7/365 Emergency Spillage Response Contract should things ever go pear shaped.

  • Manage your fuel storage facilities and fuel quality

Whether you choose the most basic of our surveys or the complete risk and facilities management package, we continue to support your business through any future changes, growth, acquisition, site exit or divestment.

It should not be cheaper to offend than to take appropriate precautions. Whether the fine will have the effect of putting the offender out of business will be relevant; in some bad cases this may be an acceptable consequence.”
— Sentencing Council, Environmental Offences, Definitive Guidance 2014


Multi-site Operations

You may have near identical business operations, facilities, factories, stores or depots operating from many locations across the country.  This is where understanding environmental setting is crucial.  The consequences of two identical spills or incidents can be vastly different depending on the environmental sensitivity of the site setting. By reviewing your operations and site settings we can identify those which are highest risk and in the most sensitive locations.  This information can help you manage your assets and budget so that money is spent where it is most needed.