If you are buying or selling a business, leasing or buying a new site for your existing business, exiting a site, or buying a piece of land for redevelopment, you understandably want to make sure you know exactly what you are buying/selling.


Very often the financial due diligence is completed and legals are prepared, you will have been haemorrhaging professional fees at hourly rates which make you question humanity and why you didn’t try harder at school and become a lawyer!

At the 11th hour someone will say “are we buying a nightmare of a site, are there unknown liabilities?” and there will be an awkward pause.  At this point, and next time sooner, you need to speak to Compass Environmental Consultancy.  Our team are experienced at rapid turnaround, high quality, decisive environmental due diligence investigation and reporting.  We will tell you exactly what you are getting yourself into and highlight any identified environmental liabilities. 

Where contamination is found we can advise what steps, if any, need to be taken depending on the ongoing use of the site, site setting and the nature and severity of contamination encountered.  We can work with you to determine maximum value prior to site sale or if you are buying we can develop and implement fully costed site remediation programmes, the cost of which can be factored into negotiations.

The efficient and knowledgeable response from Compass was excellent and enabled us to refute the rectification costs being sought by the buyer. An affordable solution was agreed saving a substantial amount of money for our client. We will not hesitate to use Compass again.”
— Terry Rainback - EMC Corporate Finance